King Communications
One of the services that most businesses lack today is customer follow up. You buy a product or a service but once you experience the problem from lack of knowledge - i.e., you don't know what you are doing - most businesses simply consider it your problem and brush you off with an "I don't know" or "We can't help me.". But when our church recently experienced that lack of knowledge problem with the new phone system we purchased through King Communications, the absolute opposite was true. Within minutes, Bill called back or actually sent one of his employees down the very next day to resolve the problem. Even though our ignorance was frequent at first, King Communications never wavered from their commitment to us as a valued customer. We are very content with our new phone system and very happy that we went with King.
1962 West 26th Street
Erie, Pennsylvania 16508
P: 800.788.5464
P: 814.454.0955
F: 814.454.4569

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